Women Elixir Enriched With Ashoka, Lodhra, Nagkeshar- Hormonal Imbalance PCOD/ PCOS | Control Abdominal Pain 200 Ml

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It is a Nutritional Supplement Made With Components That Enhance Female Reproductive Health, Including Ashok, Lavang, Anantmool, and Lodhra. Its Natural Components Might Lessen Fatigue, Cramping, and Abdominal Pains. It Might Assist in Addressing Pcod and Ovarian Syndrome Symptoms (PCOS).

  • Divya Himalayan Super Women Elixir: A specially formulated elixir designed for women's well-being
  • Enriched with Ashoka, Lodhra, and Nagkeshar: Powerful botanical extracts known for their traditional use in addressing abdominal pain
  • Holistic Relief: Helps control abdominal discomfort, providing natural support during menstrual cycles
  • Promotes Women's Health: Incorporate into your routine for a natural and effective solution for abdominal pain
  • Natural Ingredients: Formulated with natural ingredients, this elixir aligns with holistic wellness principles for women of all ages.


STEP 1: Take 2 Tablespoons (30 ML)
STEP 2: Mix with Equal Quantity of Water
STEP 3: Take Twice regularly After Meals


-Control Abnominal Pain
-Control Mood Swings
-Control PCOD & PCOS
-Control Uterine Fibroids & Back Ache