Liver Elixir Enriched With Milk Thistle, Chicory, Dandelion for Healthy & Strong Liver Syrup 200Ml

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Liver Elixir Enriched With Milk Thistle, Chicory, and Dandelion for Healthy & Strong Liver 200Ml

  • METABOLIC ACTIVITY IS IMPROVED: As it speeds up metabolism by assisting in the breakdown of fats and their usage as a source of energy in the body, milk thistle contributes to the maintenance of a healthy weight. As a result, it assists with weight management and decreases the likelihood of the body storing fat.
  • PROTECTION OF THE LIVER FROM ALL ASPECTS: The Milk Thistle's antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and toxin-blocking properties promote cell regeneration and safeguard the liver against inflammation and fatty liver.
  • NATURAL AYURVEDIC SUPPLEMENT: Ayurveda and science were brought together to create this formula for maximum effectiveness.
  • LOW DOSAGE, HIGH EFFICIENCY: Ingredients that have been nano-formulated are present in Divya Himalayan Super Liver Elixir. Because your body absorbs these nanoparticles very well, they can be used in much smaller doses while still providing optimum results.

Safety Information:
Don't take on an empty stomach

Milk Thistle, Chiocory, Dandelion